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Midas Soft Skills, Chennai, India
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Types of Workshops / Programmes
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Please note that the modules can be offered individually or in any permutation combination. The duration can generally range from two hours and go up as long as is required depending on the nature of the programme. Furthermore should you not see a workshop /related service listed here that you would like then let us know and chances are that we would be able to put one together for you.

The content/s of the service offering/s can be modified as required and can usually be customised for any industry,level of the hierarchy, time duration and any other factors of relevance. We invite you to 'Experience Our Midas Touch!'

  1. Effective Communication Strategies, Interpersonal Skills
  2. Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language), Vocal Communication Skills
  3. Listening and Questioning Skills
  4. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  5. Etiquette and Grooming (Social and Professional)
  6. Cross Cultural Training and Diversity Training
  7. Customer Delight Training
  8. Telemarketing Skills/Call Centre Training
  9. Sales and Marketing
  10. Train the Trainer
  11. Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs)
  12. Coaching Skills, Life Coaching/Executive Coaching
  13. Call Monitoring & Feedback Services
  14. Field Training and Mentoring Services
  15. Time Management and Goal Setting
  16. Meeting Management and Minute Takers Workshop
  17. Team Building
  18. Leadership and Managerial Skills
  19. Motivation and Attitude Training
  20. Stress Management
  21. Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
  22. Conflict Resolution
  23. Anger Management
  24. Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
  25. Critical Thinking and Creativity
  26. Emotional Intellegence and NLP
  27. Personal Branding/Effectiveness
  28. Building Successful Relationships
  29. Negotiating Skills, Business Ethics
  30. Influence and Persuasion Skills
  31. Change Management
  32. Delegation Skills
  33. Interviewing Techniques, Performance Appraisals
  34. Interview Skills, Debating, GD Techniques
  35. Communicative English, Employability Skills
  36. Work/Life Balance
  37. Supervisor and Administrative Skills
  38. HR Skills for the Non-HR Manager
  39. Employee Dispute Resolution
  40. HR Training, Talent Management
  41. Performance Management
  42. Project Management
  43. Harassment and Workplace Violence, Workplace Safety
  44. Business Writing and Writing Reports and Proposals
  45. Social Media Marketing
  46. Media Training and Public Relations Training
  47. Speaker Services, Compering Services
  48. Voice-Over Services
  49. Aptitude Training / IT / Financial Management Skills Workshops (based on client requests)
  50. Behavioural Skills and Personal / Personality Development Offerings and Other Customised Programmes

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