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Types of Workshops / Programmes
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  • Identification of training /service needs

  • Detailed understanding of the proposed assignment

  • Conception and submission of our customised proposal/s

  • Discussion/presentation of the above with the client as necessary

  • Finishing touches and finalisation of the job

  • It's service delivery time!

  • Feedback and evaluation (as applicable)


Please note that training evaluation and refresher and follow-up sessions can be arranged as and when needed upon discussions with the client.

Identification of training needs and objectives and detailed understanding of the proposed assignment:
Upon initial client contact, we would seek to clearly identify and establish your training/workshop objectives so that we can customise the best 'value for money propositions' for your organisation.

We would discuss with the client various key aspects that would help shape things up in relation to our fuller understanding of the service/s required in regards to factors such as the proposed content of the workshop/service offering, the estimated time duration of the programme, the number of attendees, the target audience profile and other areas of mutual consideration. This way we aim to 'lay a clear foundation to facilitate further discussion'.

Conception and submission of our customised training/services proposal/s:
This usually would take the form of putting together a relevant, customised and detailed training proposal that would usually be E-mailed to the client for an initial review.

Please note that since our clients are the ultimate beneficiaries of our programmes, we consider your role in shaping up our customised proposals as very important and hence request you to provide us with whatever inputs that you can such as from the above stage when getting in touch with us. We however understand and appreciate that whilst some clients would have more clarity in terms of an overview of their requirements, others may need us to start from scratch .Our passion and expertise will enable us to work on your customised proposals by taking into account all these factors and possibilities and we shall be with you every step of the way ---'We customise our communication so that you express confidence in us!'

Discussion/presentation of the above with the client:
The training proposal/s can be modified if needed in order to address and fine -tune the submitted proposal/s to you.

Finishing touches and finalisation of the job:
Another round of tying up any loose ends so to speak regarding any facet of the service offering should ensure that the programme is all geared to be rolled out.

The above steps /lines of discussion are generally facilitated via a mix and match of communication channels as required and preferred such as E-mail, over the telephone and face-to-face (at the client's office at a convenient time for you to meet us).

It's service delivery time!
The assignment is executed with some of our key and core ingredients: High quality content infused with a dynamic delivery style!

Feedback and evaluation (as applicable):
Every beginning has an end and every end has a beginning. We take our paricipants' feedback very seriously and at the end of the programme we would invite them to take part in filling out a brief yet invaluable questionnaire that would help us maintain our quality standards and constantly aim to raise the bar of our service standards.

Furthermore and in addition to providing the participants with feedback and evaluation during the workshop as relevant and appropriate based on our effective training methodologies we also use participant performance rating scale based assessment forms (based on the nature of the programme) and provide action and follow -up plans for ongoing learning retention and appreciation.


Practical, relevant and experiential learning methodologies focus on 'hands-on', ready to apply tools and techniques to augment training takeaways and long- term results. Some or all of the following tools and methodologies will be used in the execution of the workshop and can and will vary depending on various factors such as the nature, duration and topic/s of the workshop.

The methodologies including the various activities deployed in the workshop would be customised as best as possible to maximise relevance to the participants' required learning objectives and desired outcomes.

The ultimate objective is to make each workshop EXCITING, EMPOWERING, ENERGISING, ENTERTAINING AND ENLIGHTENING!

  • Simulated Role Play

  • Case Studies / Questionnaires

  • Activities / Conceptual Games

  • PowerPoint Training Supplementation

  • Audio and Video Presentations

  • Live Demonstrations

  • Video Recordings-Before and After

  • Q and A / Brainstorming Sessions

  • De-briefing and Feedback as Applicable

  • Follow-up Action Plan as Needed

  • Participants' Evaluation and Assessment Tools

  • Feedback about the Programme

  • Other Methodologies as Needed

Our methodologies ‘Deploy Depth and Dynamism for More Impactful Delivery’.

Simulated Role Plays:

The above would be innovative, experiential and simulated to relevant and real life situations where applicable and would help drive home learning concepts quicker and for longer-lasting results!

Activities/Conceptual Games:

Whoever said that adult learning cannot be lively and liberating! Through our carefully designed and executed energisers, high impact activities and conceptual games we aim to steer our unique brand of ‘Fun with learning’ to newer heights.

Case Studies /Questionnaires:
Participants get a chance to unravel their thoughts and start to view their learning objectives more clearly with these tools.

PowerPoint Training Supplementation:
PPTs are used as a visual aid to introduce certain concepts where applicable and are followed up or preceded by other high impact activities and methodologies.

Audio and Video Presentations:
Sound and Visuals are great ways of synergising learning whilst having fun and vice versa! Hear and see clips of humour, poignance and enjoy the show!

Live Demonstrations:
Just as one cannot learn how to ride a bicycle theoretically or operate a computer by just reading books, it is very important to immerse oneself in highly experiential learning environments. Live demos by the trainer on various modules introduced both solo and also with audience participation would add greater value to the delivery of the workshop.

Video Recordings-Before and After:
Think of seeing someone both before and after the application of makeup! Well we refer to a different type of makeup here—the mental makeup type! To put it simply this methodology tool can provide participants with an effective mirror image so to speak and candidly assess their SWOT in terms of appreciating their inherent strengths and working and fine -tuning areas for improvement!

Q and A / Brainstorming Sessions and De-briefing and Feedback as Applicable:
The participants’ involvement is critical to enhancing the productivity and level of learning. These methodologies attune and encourage the attendees to realise that their direct and proactive involvement and exploring their feelings, thoughts, opinions and ideas in a supportive environment will create a healthy platform for self development and group development. Participants are encouraged to remember that ‘There is no such thing as an unimportant question!’

Follow -up Action Plan as Needed:
Follow-up or maintenance learning tips and pointers may be given depending on the type of programme so that the ‘momentum of learning and the benefits derived from the programme’ are practiced on an ongoing basis.

Participants’ Evaluation and Assessment Tools:

  1. Whilst our ‘highly practical and experiential methodologies’ are designed to serve the dual purpose of delivering effective training and evaluation wrapped into one, individual feedback on participants focusing on some key parameters of reference on a rating scale along with general and specific comments and observations about the participant may also be compiled by Midas Soft Skills in the form of Participant Performance Evaluation Forms and shared with the participants and management at the end of or after the workshop (Depending on the nature and duration of the workshop).

  2. The participants shall also be encouraged to form support groups and practice the learning outcomes amongst themselves and share observations thus ensuring that the 'momentum of learning lives on' so to speak.

  3. As an add-on service we would also be happy to provide a follow-up session or sessions commencing about a month or so after the initial workshop/s and this would give the participants a chance to address any further sticking points/share feedback with us and would give us the opportunity to advise them on any fine-tuning of their ongoing learning objectives as the case may be. This can be arranged in one or more formats such as:

- Refresher/post-training classroom session/s
- Field training and mentoring services (pre and post training service as per the type / topic of programme)
- Monitoring their calls and giving feedback (pre and post training service as per the type / topic of programme)
- Conference Calls

Feedback about the Programme:
We would also furnish the participants with our own feedback forms so that they may share some written feedback about the workshop they attended with us .This is an important part of our quality management process as participant/client feedback is very important to us.

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